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From the Founder: 📌 How to Build From the Ground Up #theclientcode

What do you get when you mix a little womb wellness with empowered and educated birthing? Well, that would be my client Donna, Founder, and Head Doula of Serene Journey Births.

If you are like most of my clients you…

  • Have multiple talents that span across various disciplines

  • Have lots of ideas you struggle to combine into one focus

  • Have no idea how to represent it all online

Like many of my clients, Donna checked all these boxes, and I loved it! It meant together we would create something unique to her -- from scratch!

There’s a full client case study of the work we did on her website strategy. However, some of the real work we dug into centered around her business strategy and CEO mindset. The core issues we worked through are common with multi-passionate creatives:

  1. Believing in what you can’t see - aka your vision

  2. Developing your process - aka your strategy

Donna’s passion for birth work came from her desire to support, advocate for, and empower women and strengthen families. When brainstorming the impact she wanted to have on her clients and her legacy -- we settled on women’s wellness through birth work. The common denominator: creating a whole woman. Whether that was 

  • Healing, wellness, and birth education

  • Supporting and facilitating physical birth

  • Postpartum support for transitioning into motherhood

Everything had to do with focusing on the woman -- even before she became a mama. These concepts were the basis we used for creating the strategy behind Serene Journey Births. Identifying this made everything from developing her products to designing her website that much easier. We knew what the goals were and what actions we needed her audience to take to achieve them.

The same principles that applied to Donna's business apply to you as well. As cliche as it sounds -- start with your why. But really dive deep into it. Clearly defining your impact makes everything else fall into alignment. Who do you want to help? How will you help them? Etc. Anddd if you need help -- you know where to find me 😉

Interested in more information about women's wellness and birth work?

Here’s where you can find Donna:

  • Web:

  • IG: @serene_journey_births

  • Facebook: Serene Journey Birth Services

Stay mindful + support women! :)

Ashley Sharie, Founder & CEO

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