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From the Founder: ✅ how do you get clients??? let's talk about it!

Hey hey #Insider!

Can you believe we are halfway through November?! We have a few more emails left in our month of freebies, and I promise to make them worthwhile. However, first, we need a small commercial break…

This week on 11/20...

I'll be speaking on a Corporate Panel about all things Small Business and how to run your business more efficiently by operating as a corporation.

It's hosted by the one and only Felicia Kelly, and the 6-day event kicks off TODAY!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

This week, in addition to a download, you are going to get free game. The topic: Why do my clients need me? Why should I hire you? How do my clients know they need me? How do you "get" someone to work with you? These are all questions I've received multiple times this year, whether they are direct to me or about your business, the bottom line is they need to dealt with. So, I'm going to let you all in on the secret.

While they seem different, they are basically the same. The commonality is transformation. My clients seek a transformation, and your clients seek a transformation. Your job is to communicate whatever that transformation is, in plain language. I'm talking about a tangible and clear shift from point A to point B.

  • My creative agency clients want to launch their projects with ease.

  • My coaching clients need guidance for effectively running their business.

  • My mindset clients desire a more resilient and bossed up mindset.

Think about what you buy and why you're motivated to buy it. Better yet, what motivated you to open this email? Even better, what inspired you to join this list? That's the key right there. It's never about you [the business] getting; it's always about giving. Your clients don't want to get "got." They want to get given and given what they want at that. Working with and attracting the right clients is a lot like dating. If you have to beg, bait, switch, convince, or any other means of trickery -- is the relationship really worth it? No, it's not.

Now, back to the transformation -- What do you provide? Why do your clients need you? I'll share one tip, the clearer I got on these answers, and the more concise I made my vision --> the easier it was to attract clients. Instead of demonstrating what I could do for them, they came to me and told me how they needed me to help them. No matter how pretty your website or curated your social media is, if it is not abundantly clear how you help your customers, they will like the cute pictures -- but they will not buy your services.

Your homework: choose one thing in your business to focus on to close the year out. Set a goal for it [email me!], and let's crush it. Want to take a peek at how I'm closing the year out:

  • Marketing

    • Send weekly emails focusing on value over sales

  • Operations

    • Finalize company org chart with target hiring dates for ALL positions

    • Research and write PD's for the next two hires

    • Switch to Airtable and create new dashboards for metrics tracking

    • Record welcome + 1 system training video for new hires/company manual

My overall goal is to leave all the freelance energy behind in 2020 and kick-off 2021 operating at full CEO status. Even with the hiring we talked about last week, I'm still wearing one too many hats, and it's wearing me out! Lol So let's get it!!

Stay mindful and set SMART goals!

Ashley Sharie, Founder & CEO

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