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Spring Reset: 4 Questions to Reconnect to Your Goals

Note: This post is a behind the scenes look into the type of training + content that's provided in the Beyond the Brand Group. Join the free community today for more resources, trainings, and a group of boss women building powerhouse brands!


Happy Spring! I hope this season finds you refreshed and motivated to achieve your goals. If you've been feeling a little lost or stuck, don't worry. It's completely natural to hit a lull at some point during the year. The key is to not get discouraged and to find ways to push through and reconnect to your goals.

The old saying is true: "We are what we repeatedly do." Your mindset impacts your life in many ways, including your focus and the progress you make. With that in mind, I recorded a quick Spring Reset training for you all. It covers 4 questions to ask yourself to renew your mindset and reconnect to your goals this spring.

There is still more than enough "year" left to achieve your goals. So get back on track (or set a new track) by watching + reflecting on the questions in the video.

P.S. Need some focus music while answering the questions? Use the Pomodoro Session video for four segments of zen vibes + breaks in between. My goto method for increasing productivity.

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