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From the Founder: [free game] basketball stories + learn how to sell 🏆

Did you know selling is a skill you can master?

And...if you are in business, you are, first and foremost, a salesperson. You may fancy yourself a coach, a designer, a basket weaver or whatever. But you are none of those things without first being a salesperson.


For me, understanding selling was a lot like learning to play basketball.

When I first started playing rec league around 8...I was scared of the ball. Well, scared to get hit with the ball. And you know what, I played like it. My dad quickly nipped this in the bud, because the ball was literally a non-negotiable part of the sport. There was no way to be both a good player and scared of the ball at the same time. Thus I had to work through my fear of being hit with it. So that's what we worked on...until the fear was gone. And honestly, it's a good thing he did -- because that very next year I started playing AAU with WNBA All-Star Jasmine Thomas, and she threw the ball hard as hell! Lol but those are stories for another day.

The point is, to excel, I had to get comfortable with the very thing that made me uncomfortable. Business is no different.

So here are a few facts about selling...

Fact One. Selling is part of being in business. If you're not making sales of some sort, you are literally not in business. Your insecurity around selling presents itself to your customers, as a lack of confidence in yourself and what you offer. I'm not saying it's true, but buying is emotional. Your conviction and belief in your products/services as a solution, speak volumes louder than any logic pattern you expect your buyer to follow.

Fact Two. Selling is not always natural. We've been taught not to ask for things we want. On top of that, we've been taught that there is no altruism associated with wealth...or lots of it. Couple that with "trying to ask" somebody for their money, for your service, that they desperately need, at it's worth...well, you can see what a cluster of internal emotional conflict this can create. While selling may feel unnatural, it is wholly necessary.

So what do you do? You remember this...

Fact Three. No sale = a loss for everyone involved. If your product/service truly is the solution, then when you don't make sales, everybody loses. Selling is a win/win when everyone benefits. If you sell transparently and treat it as an educational exchange, then your customer is making an informed choice. It's not gimmicky, it's honesty -- and honesty sells.

Fact Four. You can't outsell a lack mindset. If you've made it here and "sell" is still a four-letter word to you -- then it may not be the selling that's the issue. It may be your mindset. A lack/scarcity mindsets manifest all over our lives, but it comes for our funds in business. Back to that conviction bit above -- if you don't believe you are worth it, nobody else will.

Whyyy all this talk about sales -- well, it was one of my takeaways from my Mastermind group meeting this weekend. Many of your business's growth insights, and critical drivers are buried in your sales (or lack thereof).

If selling is something you are focusing on, let me know! I'll be hosting a small group training on a mindful approaching to selling, and I want you in the *virtual* front row :)

#StayMindful & let's make sales!

Ashley Sharie, Founder & CEO

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