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From the Founder: how to end the year strong: a step by step guide 📝

Hey hey #Insider,

If you have "overachieving tendencies" like me -- this time of year is hectic. Some are gearing up for end-of-year campaigns, some are reassessing goals/targets, and we are all still living life through a pandemic + running our businesses.

So what do you do?

Especially if things feel a little off track, and you aren't sure what to do next.

The answer is easy: pick one thing. That's it.

Going into the end of the busy holiday season and the end of the year, choose what you will do. If you don't know what that thing is, go back to your goals or, my favorite, revisit your why. There is still plenty of time to make an impact and end your year on a successful note. But you have to start now. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck, I have a quick mini mastermind with myself. It's three steps:

  1. Ideate

  2. Identify

  3. Implement

Ideate: Literally, it means to come up with ideas, and it's one of my favorite things to do. This process is a bit more focused, so I review my hard data and I journal a few (or all) of the following questions:

  • How did I get to where I am now?

  • Where do I want to go? What is my vision of success?

  • What is going to get in my way? What do I need to be aware of?

  • What do I need to do to get there?

  • How will I know I'm on the right track?

  • What type of support will I need (and when)?

Identify: I find themes in my answers and decide where I want to focus. For me, it always comes back to strategy and bringing visions to life. Identifying is not about "the how," but "the what." Reviewing the "ideas/outcomes" and choosing what one thing to focus on moving forward.

Implement: Now, with "the what," I build out "the how." If I'm honest, rarely do I have a dramatic strategic breakthrough in this step. More often than not, I'm reminded to do the work. The things I used to do that I get lazy with and fall off. The stuff that works if I work. Whether it's fixing my messaging and getting (back) consistent or scaling back and following the money -- I always find that I have the answers and tools. I have to focus on one thing and knock it out.

As we close out October, find time to schedule your mini mastermind. Let's both commit to ending 2020 on the highest of high notes. You deserve it!

Stay Mindful & create your own success!

Still, don’t forget to vote :)

Ashley Sharie, Founder & CEO


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