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Hello, Productivity!

Productivity isn't about doing more in less time, it isn't (just) about time management --- it's about task management. With the right tools, you can streamline your workflow and get more of the right things accomplished each day. Keep reading for articles, resources, and our top three tips!

3 Steps to Master Productivity



First things, first — your mindset. Your personal limitations will be the limitations your business experiences. Understanding yourself, your real why, what drives you, what limits you etc — will make you that much stronger of a leader for your business.

The first step in being more productive is to get your mind right. This article talks about a few hacks, that will help you get aligned before getting to work.


Now that you’re mind is right, it’s time to consider where you are going. It’s important to start with the end in mind. It’s easier to build a plan, and work back from your big vision.

Do this by creating a strategic plan for your business. Then, allow this document to help dictate your monthly, weekly and daily activities. This way you will always be on track to making progress. Periodic self assessments (like a mid year check in) will help you see if a pivot or adjustment is needed.

Bonus: Read about Why Your Creative Business Needs a Strategic Plan (and how to write one)


Now, with all the other work done, building your schedule is the easy part. You know your why, you know your end goal — now you just need to write down the action items. I have my clients complete a time audit as part of my 1:1 and in the Accountability Collective, however, an abbreviated version is my two task rule.


Simply stated, to create + maintain balance, each evening consider your whole life, not just your business needs.

Here’s how it works: If your evening is comprised of 5-6 "blocks" of time, that time should be divide between your business + your life. Life includes everything from cooking dinner, gym, cleaning, paying bills etc.

Also, I have a new non negotiable for you :) should you choose to accept: Create an evening routine! It’s more than just getting ready for bed and thinking about the next day. I highly suggest you work into your routine the following: review what’s been accomplished, draft your agenda for the next day, spend 5 min tidying your work area for the next day and lastly write a quick gratitude list :) With this routine and these steps you'll be a master of your productivity.

Bonus: Grab the Beyond The Brand Starter Bundle aka your productivity starter pack. for $27 you get: 

  • What is Your Vision Guide - Makes sure that the business you built (or are building) is suited for you!

  • SMART Goal Setting - Breaks down HOW to set goals and track them, for real!

  • Weekly Planning Outline - Helps you organize your week to move the needle and achieve the goals you set.

  • Weekly Reflection - One of my most popular podcast downloads, talks about how to do a full life check in each week.

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