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it's time you hustle smarter not harder


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 what if we told you burnout isn't a prerequisite for success...

Your life and your business both deserve the best of you, but how do you show up as your best self consistently?

It takes intention and planning to build a business the doesn't railroad your life; and to create the balance needed to avoid burnout.

That's where we come in, with Strategy & Self-care Wknd.


Every week join us for a weekly assignment -- either strategy for your business or self-care for your life. Plus, each quarter there's an opportunity to reflect with a full Strategy & Self-care Wknd

Make this the last year you struggle to find consistency, results and balance in your business & life. Make this your year -- your actual best life (& business) year to date.

Things kick off Jan 1st. Come on over to Facebook and join us!


Ashley Sharie, Strategy

As a business strategist & mindset coach, I'm here to help you mindfully develop your business -- not recreate another job.


Latisha Carr, Self-care

As your favorite life coach & strategist, I'm here to help you live your best life even while running your business.

Your Hosts

The Strategy & Self-care Squad

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