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Create and execute your personal plan for success

These sessions will challenge your thinking, create conditions for you to breakthrough mental and creative blocks, offer information, expertise, and tools for problem solving within your business. Whether you need help getting started, or need help moving passed a hurdle, these strategy sessions are designed to pinpoint your needs and create an action plan to achieve progress.

The Strategy Code is ideal for you if:

  • You’re determined to create the best possible version of your business, in the shortest possible time.

  • You struggle with following through on ideas but want to break the cycle and become more consistent.

  • You want to build better habits: time management, productivity, follow through -- to benefit your business/life overall.

  • You have a goal(s) in mind, and want support to ensure you are successful.

  • You need more support and guidance than what a membership group can provide — a strategic & supportive mind aka me!


This service is offered in two formats: a 1:1 one day Mastermind Intensive or over the course of a month with accountability built in! Details are below!

Choose your Focus

Whether you need to attract your ideal clients, define your brand, raise your fees, or design a high income business model, your VIP Day will be tailored to you and the area of your business that needs the most attention, so you can increase your confidence, earnings, and create a business that supports you vs. overworks you!

Brand-Business Blueprint

Fierce and Flawless Foundations.

This intensive will take your idea and turn into actual business outline. Perfect for start-up brands, personal brands or businesses looking to pivot their purpose. We cover all your angles for clarity and precision.

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Outline your Offerings

Packaging, Pricing + Positioning.

This intensive will help you move out of trading time for money, and to create offers shaped for your ideal client based on your expertise -- so you can leverage your time, and multiply your income.

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Create a Custom agenda

Have a specific set of needs?  That works too. We can prepare a custom Intensive experience just for you. Please note that due to the custom nature of these sessions, the price will be higher. For these sessions our team creates100% customized content for your needs. Please note if not enough detail is provided, we may recommend an alternate offering.

Mastermind Intensive: Strategy Options

The details

Together we will work to define and reach your goals. As your strategist and vision coach, my success is tied to yours. These services are application based. Once your application is submitted we will follow-up with you, collect payment, and schedule your planning call.


Prior to your Mastermind Intensive there is prep work for you to complete, based on your area of focus. In addition to this work, you'll receive a welcome week full of information + activities to prepare you for a successful mastermind session. We work until the work is done, so plan for 2-3hrs at a minimum. At the conclusion of your intensive you will have a custom outline and organizational tool + resources to support your next steps.

<<< MONTHLY support

These retainers are the same as Matermind Intensive, but over the course of a month vs. one multi-hour session. Our biweekly calls are to address the focus of your mastermind. Each session comes a custom Milanote or Trello Board to organize notes and track progress. Due to the intense 1:1 nature of this support only 4 clients are supported at a time.

your options


1:1 video strategy session

45min follow-up/support call

Personal + customized Milanote board for notes + overview, implementation and tracking

Resource Library full of additional information.

One Month + Support - $3000

2 - 1:1 strategy sessions - 60min

2 - 15min check-in/support calls

Personal organization board implementation + tools

Resource Library full of additional information.

Ongoing communication**

*This price does not reflect the custom agenda offer. That offer starts from $1750.

**Follow-up + ongoing communication for questions via organization software, emails and 1:1 calls. This includes check-ins, resources, tracking and more.

By the end of the process you’ll have clear & concise answers

for your most critical questions:

How did I get to where I am now?

Where do I want to go?

What is my vision of success?

What type of business/brand do I want to build?

What do I need to do to get there?

How will I know I’m on the right track?

How do I track my progress?

What do I need to be aware of?

What type of support will I need (and when)?

Still not sure if Strategic planning is necessary for your business?

Read this blog post: Why Your creative business needs a strategic plan (and how to write one!) It’s packed with information, and even outlines in detail the entire three phase process.

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