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Are you looking for ways to boost your business and reach your target audience? Our 5-page PDF is here to help! Inside, you'll find 8 email marketing ideas for service-based businesses and 8 for product-based businesses along with tips for making your emails even more effective. Bonus: Each email idea includes the topic + a ready to use subject line. 


Our guide is designed to help you explore new and creative ways to engage with your customers and drive results. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, launch a new product, or simply increase engagement, our guide has everything you need.

Email Marketing: Email Ideas

  • Guide Includes:

    • Email marketing idea list for service based + product based businesses
    • Tips for effective email marketing
    • A 5 page pdf document

    Note:  This guide is best used printed or with a service like which allows you to type in the document.

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