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Client Case Study: Serene Journey Births

Project: Website Development

Serene Journey Births

Serene Journey was created out of my desire to show women that there is an alternative to this chaotic narrative that is commonly portrayed in American culture. Together, we will explore the more Serene side of pregnancy and birth. We will focus on aligning the mind and body with the spirit and take a more holistic approach to your pregnancy and birth. It is critically important that a mother feels supported and empowered about her pregnancy and birth. And that is what I’m here for!


Donna was starting from scratch, armed with a vision and ready to create the go to site for women's wellness. With upcoming webinars, workshops, and engagements -- she needed help clearly communicating all that is encompassed in her services. After a few strategy sessions via Clarity Code calls, we were able to define the strategy for Serene Journey Births and the objectives for developing the website.


  • Establish brand clarity and articulate all elements of Serene Journey Birth's business structure

  • Develop a site architecture and navigation that enable easy browsing and a seamless UX experience

  • Establish SEO foundations to promote future webinar/workshop/project enrollment

  • Implement a fully responsive solution on the Squarespace platform


Since we were starting from scratch, we focused on the clients journey to guide the design of the site. We wanted the services and serene journey definition of a doula clearly stated from first visit. The main focus was to use a minimal layout design and highlight the content/services to create a platform that was both engaging and educational for her audience. From a style perspective, Serene Journey Births is calming, and positive, with high quality photos that capture the beauty that is motherhood and women's wellness.


Donna’s website conveys her passion for supporting new mothers with visitors, while also inviting all women to being their wellness journey today. As a bonus the site also includes a client section, so new moms can quickly and easily access the tools they need. Check out her site here!



Ashley has truly been my business' saving grace. I've struggled with the confidence to even begin my own business and with her coaching I gained the confidence to work for myself. She helped me create a business plan and held me accountable for executing it (much needed). Then she took my ideas and brought them to life on my website. Seeing my visions come to life brought me to tears. I'm so grateful for her expertise!


Founder, Serene Journey Births


A few of the services included:

Information Architecture - Content Strategy - UX & Prototyping - Website Design - Brand Identity - Visual Elements - Brand Essence - Purpose + Positioning

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