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I'm ashley sharie, "asha", the creative visionary and founder of the asha code.

Here you can learn more how I help women like you, with authority & agency, get recognized & make the money you deserve.


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you deserve to be seen, paid & recognized for your authority! 

The "secret sauce" you are looking for is already within your reach. It's not about what's missing, it's about combining your personal agency and your zone of genius. The difference between where you are now and where you aspire to be is in your intention and execution.

The intention of your business and execution of your brand. You are the key, and once you give yourself permission to operate fully in your zone of genius, your brand will match your your agency -- the YOU with the story, the purpose and the passion. You have permission to step into the fullness that is your power, now get the code!

pick my brain

Sometime we all need help. This is where brainstorming meets business. Come prepped with questions in hand and we will tackle whatever has you feeling stuck or maybe even frustrated.

the strategy code

How would it feel to: effortlessly create, make consistent progress, mind your business, #slayinyourlane — Rinse & Repeat? Together we will brainstorm & set overall goals, develop a plan to achieve them!

the asha code 

brand strategy + business development suite

The asha a code is a 4 step process taking you from ideation to execution of your brand, strategically and intentionally. Together we connect the soul of your brand with the heart of your audience. The process takes a holistic approach to your brand, ensuring that everything from your culture, positioning, message, voice, visual identity, and digital expression are all aligned.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or need a refresh elements of your business or brand, the code strengthens your brand and enhances how you are perceived! 

Who Is It Ideal For?

Founders C-Suite Leaders Entrepreneurs Brand & Marketing Teams Startup Brands Influencers Non-Profits

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let's keep the party going :)

Meet me over in the code: beyond the brand, my facebook group. It's a space intentionally created to fuse mindset, business and more. The code is about you, your personal power and everything comes together to define what you do, and why you do it best.

I'll meet you inside :)

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