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We want you to feel as confident as possible about trusting us with your brand. Here are a few of the common questions we often receive -- if you have other questions feel free to contact us here!


About the investment? How does it work?

Basically, #theCode is our super effective 4 part framework for personal brand building. Part 1 - Aspiration, is your overall brand vision (aka The Vision Code). It's the first step in creating a solid strategy which is the foundation for any strong brand/business.


The Vision Code is the only part of the process that is available a la carte. The cost is $1,500 and will automatically apply to the full framework if you choose to proceed. That's also where our retainer price comes from. The rest of the investment is paid in 2-3 installments, as the remainder of the framework is completed!


What (website) platform do you use?

Great question! 99% of the time we build our client websites on Squarespace. We like this platform because it's easy to maintain once you get the hang of things. We also provide a comprehensive video library to help you (and/or your team) get comfortable with using your site.

P.S. In the event you want us to handle all maintenance/updates (even content creation!) moving forward, we have multiple package options to choose from.


How long does #theCode usually take?

For #theCode -- the whole shebang -- takes about 10-12 weeks. This is entirely dependent on swiftly we work together. The process is about co-creation and is a totally collaborative. We've streamlined it as much as possible, but when we need you...we need you!

If we experience considerable delays in our time together, we may put your project on hold until timing is better for everybody.


Do I actually get to work with Ashley?

Yes! A lot of the work is me + you. However, my team is sprinkled in the process too! One of my favorite perks of #theCode is the fact that you get to work with AND learn from my team. Melanie is the Content Queen and will have you online sounding like a million bucks. Megan, is our Operations Guru, everyone needs a strong team, and what better way to learn about yours than from the one who helped create this dynasty!


As with most things we do, there are other bonuses sprinkled through out -- #theCode is thorough!!

Ready to work?

That's (most) of the nitty gritty details! We have some surprises that are client only -- but you knew that :) Head back to our services to see what works best for your, or click here to fill out our client intake!

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