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#SuccessHack: Invest in the resources and tools appropriate for the stage your business is currently in. ⁣

As a coach & strategist -- I consistently invest in myself and my business.⁣ Yet, I'll still be the first to tell you that the quickest way to hinder your success is investing in the right tools at the wrong time. ⁣


Getting the right help is important --- but sometimes thousands of dollars out the gate isn't for everybody -- and that's ok. Actually, it's normal. Even babies crawl before they walk.

And regardless, no matter how hard you try, you can't will the right tools into the wrong stages of business. The process is the process.⁣

Making real #moneymoves is understanding where you are + what tools you need to get where you want to go. ⁣

That's what The Business Shop is — a resource to help you explore the startup stage without breaking the bank.⁣ We understand the need for quality content & resources at affordable prices for the startup stage. It's stacked with quality content that will position you to make wise choices and investments into the future of your business. ⁣

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