about the asha code

When it comes down to it, your brand live and die by your ability to remain authentic. Your authenticity is your competitive advantage. It creates an environment for your passion and purpose to connect and create honest relationships in the hearts of your customers, clients and consumers. It’s really that simple.


In a world where brands sacrifice anything to stay relevant, they risk losing the very essence that makes appealing in the first place. Consumers don’t identify with compromise; they identify with integrity, originality, and truth. In other words, authenticity, your story.

The asha code helps brands discover their authenticity and embed it into the framework of all strategy. It’s not for the faint of heart, but, figuring out who you are through and through, is what will help you succeed.


let's do the work

how we work

The Code is a 4 step process taking you from ideation to execution of your brand, strategically and intentionally. Together we connect the soul of your brand with the heart of your audience. Including everything from your culture, positioning, message, voice, visual identity, and digital expression. You can Read a little about the process. There are a few other services we offer including the Mindset Code preparing your mindset for success & the Brand Audit, highlighting ways to strengthen your brand.

our latest projects

Our clients range from needing the full code, to "custom" codes where we select the elements of the code that best fit the projects needs. We've recently completed website redesigns for Alencia Johnson of Planned Parenthood and CNN Commentator & Political Advisor, Symone Sanders. Presently we are working to develop 2 new brands from scratch, applying the full code. Stay tuned to see how we revolutionize bartending and services for new/first-time parents!

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